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Meet the Team is our ongoing series of employee profiles. It’s an opportunity for our users and partners to get to know us a little better. As a remote company with employees around the world — from the U.S. to Slovenia to Spain to New Zealand — it’s also an opportunity for our team to get to know each other a little better.

We’re proud to introduce Meaghan Decorpo, Customer Care Manager at GlobaliD. Meaghan has been working in the technology industry for twelve years, with about eight years of experience at startup companies. She holds undergraduate degrees in psychology and gender studies, and a Masters in Business Administration.

Now, she is helping us deliver a positive customer experience to GlobaliD users and partners. During our chat, Meaghan discussed her passion for customer support, how she’s built the customer care team at GlobaliD, and why customers are everything to a business.

Introducing Meaghan Decorpo

I’m Meaghan Decorpo, Customer Care Manager. My team and I manage all customer-facing interactions at GlobaliD.

We’re responsible for all inbound customer queries and making sure they are set up for success. This includes things such as onboarding, restoration of account access, migrating accounts off the GlobaliD platform, and answering any other general questions customers may have.

What attracted her to GlobaliD

I chose to join the GlobaliD team because I wanted to be able to do more for customers than my previous position allowed me to do. I wanted to be able to have a direct impact on them and build foundational blocks for what the customer experience should be. I love being apart of the growth stage of a company and having the opportunity to build relationships directly with customers.

I also believe we have a truly impactful product. People want to be able to click a button and share their vaccine card or their insurance card. They don’t want to have to shuffle through their wallet or their purse. I can’t even tell you where my health insurance card is. Having something like the GlobaliD app when I go to the doctor’s office would be a monumental thing.

So the whole concept of identity that we’re building at GlobaliD, our values, and the ability for me to build from the ground up again in this role were the things that brought me here.

Why customers are everything

In my opinion, customers are everything to a business. Without the customers, we have nothing. So, it’s always been my goal to make sure that my support team or my customer success teams have put their best foot forward, because we are a reflection of the business and we need these customers. We need a backbone, and they are the backbone. That’s why I’ve always focused on building my teams around how we’re gonna best service our customers and their experience.

On the Customer Care team structure

Our team includes the solutions engineering team, which is responsible for our proof of concept post- or pre-implementation. Not only do we handle all of the outbound customer requests after they become a customer but before they become a customer, as well.

We’re in charge of the GlobaliD Care Center, which is a database of FAQs and articles, where our customers can find answers to common issues or requests. They can also submit a help ticket in the Care Center and receive support directly from one of our team members.

We also manage the GlobaliD Support Twitter account, where users can reach out to us directly with questions, concerns, and feedback.

The importance of community

I’m a huge proponent of being interactive within our user community. Connecting directly with the community gives us chances to drive home what GlobaliD is all about, provide real-time advice, and most importantly, truly understand what our customers’ needs are.

That was actually one of the driving factors behind us launching our own support account on Twitter. It gives us a way to promote some of the fun stuff that the support team is working on for them, and the community knows there is a specific place on Twitter where they can reach us.

Providing a human touch

Our customers love that they’re able to interact with a real person. They appreciate the fact they’re not talking to a bot and that we constantly follow up with them. We recently updated our application so that if somebody wants to discontinue their account, all they have to do is click a button, and then one of our team members reaches out to them.

Customers said, “Oh, I didn’t think I would get a response from someone.” Well, we’re real people. We manually take care of this for you, and we manually follow up to make sure everything is complete. For them — to know we’re doing the right thing as a company and as a team — it really drives home the fact that we’ve built a top tier customer experience.

Her education and early career background

I have undergraduate degrees in psychology and gender studies, and I have a Masters in Business Administration. While they seem kind of random to me now, everything I’ve learned has helped me become a better leader and customer advocate.

I’ve worked in technology for about twelve years in a variety of different industries. Around eight years ago, I joined the startup world and just fell in love with the chaos. I found that I really loved the ability to leave my mark and build a strong foundation for customer support teams and businesses. Customers make me happy. Whether they’re mad or happy, being able to make an impact on a customer base has always interested me.

Her hobbies and interests

I have a puppy who we call Turbo — although that is not her actual name. I spend a lot of my time with her, and I have a 13-year old French bulldog who thinks she rules the house, and pretty much does. That’s how I spend my days.

Due to how much time I spent pursuing education. my family tells me I’m a perpetual nerd and that I will always be a student. I can’t disagree with them because every time I take a new role at a different company, I like to learn as much as I possibly can in order to continue to grow.

Even though I love the people aspect of what I do, I’m very much a self-proclaimed introvert. So while I’m a people person on the outside, I definitely need to recharge after a week of interacting with customers and team members. Give me a book in a corner, and I’m happy as can be.

What she’s most excited about for GlobaliD moving forward

I’m just excited to continue working with the great team we’ve put together and making our customers feel welcome and satisfied. Our team has been called “The Dream Team” because we all are so focused on making things work. We’re really a powerhouse together.

I’m eager for the company to start rolling out more product features and updates because I feel like our team is ready to begin onboarding lots of new customers, and we look forward to making their customer experience as seamless as possible.

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