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Verify yourself without having to share private details.

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  • Confirm your college degree without sharing it
Benefits for business partners

With your identity,
you can
access a digital wallet
find a roommate
rent a home
adopt a puppy
qualify for rewards
hire a nanny

how verifications work

A service you're interested in requires verification

Get authorized with new services without revealing personal information.

Interact with people you know and trust

Enjoy secure and verified messaging without sharing your phone number.

Private & secure messaging

Private & secure messaging

Connect with other globaliD names

Verified & trustworthy

Increase the reach of your verification service

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Increase the reach of your verification service

Integrate globaliD solutions

Address your identity challenges


Whether it's making an online purchase, opening a bank account or simply sending a friend a funny photo – it all starts and ends with an identity. We welcome everyone to a world where identity can be trusted. globaliD allows you to realize all the benefits of being a full-fledged digital citizen without compromising control over your digital identity or your right to privacy.

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