By Published On: 11/16/20223 min read

The Launchpad is a regular series highlighting updates to the GlobaliD product ecosystem.

After recently releasing our all new GlobaliD Wallet, we’re excited to keep the momentum going and announce that Selective Share is now available in the GlobaliD app.

The reality is that we share way more than we need to when trying to establish trust. You shouldn’t have to share your driver’s license and all of its associated information in order to purchase a bottle of wine. You shouldn’t have to send a photo of your ID to an Airbnb host just so they can have peace of mind. As we all know, it’s risky to have your personal information out in the wild.

That’s where Selective Share comes in - where you only need to share the minimum amount of information in order to do the things you need to do.

In the future, that could mean having a credential that proves that you’re over 21 years old. That way, you should be able to make age verified purchases without having to share anything else about yourself. This concept is already gaining traction. JPMorgan’s Onyx unit recently announced a solution that could allow you to access Buy Now Pay Later services with only your credit score - and nothing else.

You can learn more about the concept of Selective Share with our 101 series.

With Selective Share from GlobaliD, when someone (such as an Airbnb host) asks for your ID, you can send only the relevant fields they need - photo, name, address, etc. - instead of the entire document. The GlobaliD app will automatically generate a digital file with only those fields that you can send to the Airbnb host.

More ways to share

While this feature introduces a new way to control and protect your information, not everybody might be willing to accept this form of identity yet. Your ID Wallet also allows you to:

  • Share your entire digital ID
  • Share a photo of your ID

In this case, our goal is to meet users where they are and provide the ease and convenience of a versatile identity wallet as the rest of the world progresses toward a more private and secure future.

Screenshots of the Selective Share feature in the GlobaliD app.

New features and improvements

  • Selectively share attributes from any of your credentials with external parties. Click on the fields that you want to send and conveniently share them with who you need to. The recipient will see only what they need to rather than having access to all of your personal information.
  • Share a digital version of your entire ID. Select this option to send a digital document containing all of the fields from your ID. The recipient will have access to all of the information they requested, but not an actual photo copy of your ID.
  • Share the front of your physical ID. Select this option to send a photo of the front of your ID card. The GlobaliD app will generate a JPG image of your ID that you keep stored securely within the app. You will no longer have to take a picture of your ID every time someone requests it, or risk keeping it stored on your smartphone.

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Subscribe to the GlobaliD blog for the latest news on identity, web3, fintech, regulation, and more.

By Published On: 11/16/20223 min read